Advice Articles

  • Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?

    When you first begin to breastfeed your new-born, you may be anxious to know exactly how much milk he is gettingand how much milk baby needs. read more »

    22nd May 2015

  • Baby Showers

    Baby Showers can be a great way of bringing together all your family and friends before the arrival of your baby. Having been almost a rite of passage now in… read more »

    16th April 2015

  • Baby Skincare

    We all love baby skin – it’s so smooth, delicate, kissable and just plain endearing. But how to make sure it stays this way and does not end… read more »

    14th April 2015

  • Breast Pumping Tips

    When using a pump, such as Lansinoh’s single electric breast pump, you need to create a relaxing routine, which will help condition let down of breastmilk and initiate… read more »

    2nd March 2015

  • Travelling With a Newborn

    You can travel with your baby as soon as they’re born, so it’s up to you when you start travelling with your little one. The only… read more »

    2nd March 2015

  • The Baby Blues and Post Natal Depression

    The week after your baby is born (usually on day three) you may feel a little down, upset and irritable – this is known as the baby blues. The baby… read more »

    2nd March 2015

  • How To Dress Your Baby According To Temperature

    When it comes to dressing your baby the most difficult season and of most concern to many parents is summer. Overdress your baby and he could develop a heat rash,… read more »

    2nd March 2015

  • Latching On Video

    Here at Lansinoh, we have put together this short, 5 minute, breastfeeding video designed to give you hints and tips on how to successfully breastfeed your baby. read more »

    2nd March 2015