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  • Top Tips For Mums To Be

    Top tips for pregnancy, including how to tell loved ones, organising maternity leave and making sure you pamper yourself. Read More »

  • Ultrasound scan, pregnancy scan, 20 week ultrasound

    Ultrasound scans

    Having an ultrasound scan is an exciting part of pregnancy, it's an opportunity for you to see your baby on a screen and see how he or she is… Read More »

  • Dad using the Lansinoh baby bottle to feed baby

    Paced Responsive Feeding

    Paced Responsive Feeding allows a carer to feed mum’s precious expressed breast milk whilst mum is apart from baby and allows mums to go from breast to bottle… Read More »

  • Dad feeding baby with a bottle

    Feeding Expressed Breastmilk

    Feeding time! You’ll be spending quite a bit of time feeding your little one especially in the first months, which will give you the chance to bond and… Read More »

  • Storing Expressed Breastmilk

    We know that you’ve worked hard to pump breastmilk for your baby, so it’s important to store it properly in a safe and sanitary place.… Read More »

  • Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump

    Top Breast Pumping Tips

    When using a pump, such as Lansinoh’s single electric breast pump, you need to create a relaxing routine, which will help condition let down of breastmilk and initiate… Read More »

  • Notepad and pen

    Back To Work Checklist

    If you will be returning to work and intend to continue breastfeeding your baby, make sure that you have chosen a breast pump you are comfortable with, and… Read More »

  • Returning To Work

    Although 81% of women in the UK breastfeed at birth only 34% are breastfeeding at 6 months. A large proportion of mums stop breastfeeding because they're returning to work, but this doesn'… Read More »