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Baby Showers

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Baby Showers can be a great way of bringing together all your family and friends before the arrival of your baby. Having been almost a rite of passage now in the states, the trend has come across to the UK. If you are planning your own or want to give a few suggestions here are some ideas:

  • Create gift/wish list with all the things you need ahead of your baby arriving, you can make your gift list visible to your family & friends so that they can see what you need & would really like. There are lots of companies that you can use to create these gift lists, just type ‘baby shower gift list’ into the search engine and it will display lots of results.
  • Making your baby shower invitations can be a great way to relax and get creative with your friends.
  • Baby Showers don’t need to be exclusive to the mum, other parents can be involved too. Maybe Dad can organise some time with his friends also on the day. Many baby showers now include both mum and dad.
  • Set a budget for food, drink and decorations – a theme can help to focus on what’s needed. Think about favourite foods, now is the opportunity to indulge a little.
  • Announce your baby’s sex at the baby shower – have a cake with a pink or blue sponge to cut into to introduce if your baby is a boy or a girl!
  • Spend time with your closest friends and relatives, once the baby has arrived it’s good to have a support system around you to help when you might need it.

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