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Pumping & Expressing

  • Prematurel Baby At Hospital

    Breastfeeding Your Premature Or Sick Baby

    Some babies are born too early or born needing some extra health care.  We know that breast milk is ideal for human babies and early or sick babies are… Read More »

    20th July 2016

  • Breast Pumping

    Expressing and storing your breastmilk

    There are many reasons why you may wish to express and store you breastmilk – returning to work, night out with friends.  You may also wish to continue breastfeeding… Read More »

    7th January 2016

  • Going Back To Work

    Returning to work is a big step and leaving behind your breastmilk for your caregiver to feed your baby with your breastmilk is one of the best things you can… Read More »

    19th November 2015

  • Love Hormones

    Oxytocin is called the LOVE hormone as it creates, in us, a feeling of love and devotion to this little being that we call our baby when hold him, think… Read More »

    21st October 2015

  • Mum breastfeeding baby

    Growth Spurts

    Growth spurts are a baby’s way of increasing your milk supply to fulfil his evolving needs.  Babies feed a lot during growth spurts and this can become… Read More »

    21st October 2015

  • Dad feeding baby

    Feeding Tips for Care-Givers

    For those times when a family member, friend or childminder is looking after your baby you will want to know that it will be a happy experience for both of… Read More »

    21st October 2015

  • Mum Putting Baby in Car Seat

    Travelling with your Little One

    With a bit of careful planning and forward thinking, travelling and going on holiday with your little one can be an exciting and enjoyable adventure. Read More »

    21st October 2015

  • Dad using the Lansinoh baby bottle to feed baby

    Paced Responsive Feeding

    Paced Responsive Feeding allows a carer to feed mum’s precious expressed breast milk whilst mum is apart from baby and allows mums to go from breast to bottle… Read More »

    27th February 2015