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Your baby is now 9 months old and you wonder where the time has gone.  It’s time to get back in touch with friends and family and you and your baby should go out and make some new friends.

Think about having a reunion with other mums you have met through parent education classes or how to meet new mums and babies through local groups.  Now is an ideal time to take your baby to different environments and make friends especially if you are thinking of taking advantage of free childcare and education places for your baby in the future.  Your baby and his friends will find it helpful to know each other when they start their first school.

Look through your address book and see if there is anyone you have been meaning to visit but haven’t yet.  They will love to see you and your baby and your baby will enjoy socialising with someone new making a fuss of them.  Your baby will also enjoy exploring new environments but keep a watchful eye to make sure baby doesn’t get hurt on new and different objects.  You may also want to let old and new family and friends know that your baby is developing normally so he is a bit wary of other people at this age – it’s normal but ask them to approach sensitively or let your baby approach them when he is ready.

Places you can go to meet other mums and babies are:

  • Toddler groups – these also cater for babies.  it is a good way to meet other mums and as your baby gets more mobile he can watch how the other children move about and learn from them.
  • After you have taken baby for a busy time at toddler group why not go to baby massage and/or baby yoga – maybe not on the same day!
  • If you haven’t been to the breastfeeding group you used to go to why not think about going back and helping out with new mums – you’ll have lots of knowledge and experience to pass on to them.
  • Is there a soft play centre near you – your baby will love the colours and exploring the soft toys.
  • Book your baby onto a baby swim course – babies are born with the ‘dive reflex’ and love going underwater.  You may continue with lessons and meet other mums and your babies will learn to swim together.
  • Your local children centre will also have a variety of groups taking place and they may have leaflets of other activities that take place outside of the centre.
  • How about you and your baby learning about Makaton? Makaton can help babies to communicate.  Even a healthy baby can find it frustrating not being able to make adults understand what they want.  So while they are learning to talk, Makaton gives both babies and adults a simple way of communicating. Find out more here

Renewing old friendships and strengthening family ties helps to make both you and your baby feel loved and cared for and can help you solve problems.  Building a solid foundation of strong friendships for you and your baby through meeting new mums and babies will help you stay active.

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