15 Activities to do with your Baby

Playing with your baby is important because it isn’t just a fun, bonding experience but it can be educational too.

Here are 15 activities you can do with your baby:

  1. Picnic
    Outdoor activities are great for your baby, find a spot in the shade in the park or at the beach. Wherever you are your baby will enjoy exploring the touch of the grass tickling his feet or the sand between his fingers and watching the leaves rustle in the wind!
  2. Baby Massage
    Baby massage can be a great way of getting to know your baby’s skin and also check for any developing problems such as dry skin or nappy rash.
    It enables you to become more sensitive to baby’s needs and is great for calming your baby ready for sleep.
    Find out more about the benefits of baby massage here.
  3. Walk in the Park 
    Going for a walk can be a great way to get out the house and your baby can discover the world around them by taking in their surroundings.
    It is also a great way to socialise if you know some other mummies that can go with you.
  4. Treasure Baskets
    Treasure baskets are great for teaching babies how to select, touch, taste and feel and they are great because you can keep changing what’s inside them as your baby gets older so they never get boring!
  5. Sing
    When babies are fussy, singing to them can help calm them down and it is also a good way to learn language skills due to the rhythms and repetitive language.
  6. Baby Signing
    Makaton Signing for Babies sessions are designed for you and your child to have fun and learn together.
    Makaton uses speech with signs (gestures) and symbols (pictures) to help people communicate.
    Find out more about Makaton signing here.
  7. Swimming
    Swimming is a great fun for you and your baby and good exercise too. Getting your baby used to water early in their life could help them become confident swimmers in later life.
    You can go swimming at any time most classes tend to start at 6 weeks.
  8. Water Play
    Water play is a great way for keeping babies cool on a summer day and is great for sensory development.
  9. Make some Art
    Art is a great tool for learning as it is a very sensory led experience and stimulates both sides of the brain.
  10. Read
    It is never too early to start reading and enjoying books with your baby. Reading a book before bed is a great way to get started on a bedtime routine and it is a one-on-one activity that can turn into special time with your baby.
  11. Dance
    Get up and dance with your baby! It gets baby off the floor and into your arms and allows baby to experience lots of fun movement and stimulation!
  12. Bubbles
    Babies love bubbles! Whether they are just sitting and watching them mesmerized or they like to try and catch them. Most of the time it is a soothing activity.
  13. Copycat
    Copy what your baby is doing or try to get your baby to copy you. An imitation game is a great way for a baby to learn and further develop their language and vocabulary skills as well as hand eye coordination.
  14. Berry Picking
    Picking fruit is great for hand-eye coordination and once they’ve picked it, they have a sweet reward to taste test! Make sure to pick safe berries to eat and your baby is old enough for solids like this.
  15. Edible Sensory Play
    When babies put everything in their mouth occupying them can be tough which is why edible sensory play is a great idea and it will also help introduce them to food that is good for them. (For babies old enough for solid food).