• Getting A Good Latch

    The key to a good latch is timing. When your baby’s mouth is opening wide you should pull them onto the breast quickly and gently, chin first. With a… Read More »

  • Casting Call!

    Lansinoh is looking for breastfeeding babies with mums that also express to feature in our upcoming video shoot. You and your baby could be just what we're looking for! Read More »

  • Earth Friendly Baby & "The Flying Bath" Competition

    Earth Friendly Baby is now certified Natural & Organic by Ecocert Greenlife, meaning we are 99% natural and over 50% organic. To celebrate our launch we have teamed up with Macmillian Children's books… Read More »

  • Getting Back Into Shape

    Just given birth and wanting to lose weight? Remember you have just brought a baby into your life and your body needs time to heal. Hence don’t rush to… Read More »

  • Nutrition During Pregnancy

    Having a balanced diet during pregnancy is important for the health of you and your baby. One of the most common misconceptions is that you are “eating for two”. You… Read More »

  • Teething


    At around 6 months old your baby's teeth will start to come through, some teeth won't cause your baby discomfort but unfortunately others will. Read More »

  • Breastfeeding In Public

    Breastfeeding In public can be a daunting thought for any breastfeeding mum. It can be scary to get your breast out in front of a friend, relative or in a… Read More »

  • Baby Massage

    Baby massage can help your baby with relaxation, better sleep, colic like symptoms, digestion and wind. It's also a great bonding exercise between you and your baby. Baby massage is… Read More »