Lansinoh Star No.1

Our first Lansinoh Stars are Seth who is now 9 months, his daddy Lionel and mummy Layla for persevering with breastfeeding when Layla went back to work.

Leaving your baby when you go back to work isn’t easy, especially when you are breastfeeding and your baby isn’t comfortable with bottles.

Layla found comfort going back to work in leaving her then 6 month old baby Seth with his daddy and our Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottles with NaturalWave™ Teat.

Not only have our bottles help build a strong bond with Seth and his daddy but it has meant that Layla can continue to give Seth her expressed Breastmilk when she is away from him.




Here is Layla’s story!

I had my third child in June and have been breastfeeding but started back at work a few weeks ago so have been trying to get him used to a bottle so I can pump some milk off for him to have while I’m at work but no matter what we tried or what bottle, he was having none of it.

It came to head last week when my husband was looking after him. Lionel was in the British Army and lost his leg in Iraq and suffers from PTSD. He couldn’t calm Seth or get him to take the bottle so I had to leave work early.

Lionel felt so bad and was convinced that he would not be able to have Seth on his own so I purchased your bottles in a last ditch attempt and they are incredible. He took first time and was guzzling away.

Being based away in Germany and then Cyrpus for 6 years, my husband didn’t get the chance to bond much with our other two children until they were older and this is the first time he has been here throughout the whole thing. Lionel was determined to bond with Seth from the start and as he wouldn’t take bottles he felt like a failure and was gutted. Your bottles have made him so happy and brought them much closer.

With someone with PTSD their moods can change dramatically, very quickly and small things can be big things to them, so this has meant a lot!

I’ve been able to go to work without worrying and I’ve come home to two very happy boys!”