Lansinoh Star No.5

Our Lansinoh Star No. 5 is Janine Robayo who has been breastfeeding her little boy Luca for over 12 months.

Janine started out her breastfeeding journey without any friends or family to turn to for advice as they hadn’t breastfeed. Despite this Janine researched as much as you could about breastfeeding and prepared herself for all eventualties, including buying our HPA® Lanolin! 

Here is Janine’s story:

decided fairly early on in my pregnancy I wanted to breastfeed, but as none of my friends had children and family members who did have little ones had bottle fed, I didn't really know where to start - I naively thought it'd be straight forward!

After planning a drug-free water birth and ending up with full medical intervention, forceps and episiotomy, I was determined to make it work for us (plus I put on 5 and a half stone in pregnancy-oops!).

I've never really been one to attend groups so all my research was done online. I youtubed so many videos about technique and deep latch that I thought I was prepared for all eventualities. I'd even bought lansinoh nipple cream in preparation for cracked nipples!

The first days were tough; getting used to the sensation and I was sensitive and bruised from the birth. With every feed it got a little easier.

The midwives were fantastic and I think that is a really important part of our journey. They were so supportive and encouraging, even when I wasn't sure what the heck I was doing!

My boy picked it up really quickly and I soon realised how incredible and privileged I was to be able to share this with my baby.


He's almost 14 months, and we've seen it all. Cracked nipples, oral thrush, teeth! But I wouldn't change it for the world. When he's missed me, feels poorly or just wants a cuddle with mama he asks for his "neenee" and I feel so lucky we still have this together. 

My advice is if you're thinking of breastfeeding, it won't be easy until you're both skilled at it, but it's the most amazing thing in the world. I feel so proud my body has grown and nourished this little person, so much so my body image has changed. I may have stripes and wobbly bits now but none of that matters to me anymore.