Lansinoh Star No.2

Our next Lansinoh Stars are Jacob who is 16 months and his mummy Hannah for determination and perseverance through many breastfeeding hurdles!

Breastfeeding can be a challenge especially when you have to overcome hurdles such as tongue tie, mastitis and bleeding nipples, all while wanting to make sure that your little one is gaining the right amount of weight through being fed your precious breastmilk!

Hannah and Jacob have faced many challenges while breastfeeding and are still going strong at almost 17 months!

Here is Hannah’s story!

I gave birth to my 2nd baby not knowing where my breastfeeding journey would take me or if he would even latch on. But 10 minutes after he was born he had latched on and was feeding well.

Both my children have had tongue tie so Jacob had that snipped at the hospital when he was 2 days old. When we got home things were painful but breastfeeding was going well and Jacob had good weight gain.

At 10 days old I had mastitis, bleeding nipples and was exhausted! I almost threw in the towel but persevered through it and managed to get a good latch using sites from Google and going back to basics.It's basically gone from there. I have no real support network so found some things about breastfeeding hard like not being able to go back to the gym in the evenings!

The teething stage has been hard to with biting and an uncomfortable latch but again we have persevered through.

We'll shortly b at 17 months and even though it's had some hurdles breastfeeding has kept him fed when he has been ill and if his mouth is hurting due to painful teeth it's given him natural pain relief and comfort.

Most of all we both love it and I am so proud of how far we have come. Our bond and connection is amazing and I am not planning on giving up till we are both ready!