mOmma® Warm Plate

The mOmma by Lansinoh warm plate is ideal for weaning and toddler mealtimes. It's 2 compartments are designed for little hands to scoop out the food (ideally with our soft spoon). It has a warm water compartment for heating food and a non-slip base. 





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  • 产品特性:

    • BPA and BPS free
    • Warm water chamber designed to keep baby's food warm
    • Safety plug offers total peace of mind for parents
    • Separate compartments to encourage baby's taste discovery
    • Non-slip & non-flip rubber base to prevent spills and waste
    • Dishwasher safe
  • 产品描述:

    The Warm plate is ideal for busy mealtimes with toddlers. They have a non-slip rubber base to stop the plate from wandering off the table!  The two separate compartments are designed to be easy for the little ones to scoop out their food with our soft spoon and learn different tastes along the way.  With a warm water chamber underneath, keeping your little ones dinner warm enough throughout their dinner time is easy.

  • 产品详情:

    • BPA and BPS free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Pack contains one mOmma® Warm Plate
    • For babies aged 6 months+
  • Winner of the Gold Award for Best Weaning Product