Independent Midwives UK

Independent midwives UK is an organisation that provides support, information and a voice for self employed midwives and women alike. We began life as a handful of midwives in 1985 who offered encouragement and hand holding to one another as we stepped into the self employed world. Professional autonomy was the prize for those brave steps and we have grown and thrived over the ensuing years to become an organisation that meets and nurtures all the needs of the thinking midwife.



Through our growing membership, links to midwifery education bodies and our own research and training, we are building a strong and supportive organisation that will help safeguard authentic midwifery both in and out of the NHS whilst standing beside our members as they walk with the women in their care.


An independent midwife is on call for the women she cares for 24/7, from the beginning of pregnancy until (typically) 4 weeks after their birth offering evidence-based, individualised care throughout. Antenatal appointments usually take place in a woman’s own home, are unhurried and allow for all aspects of physical and emotional wellbeing to be supported.


Although there can be no guarantees in birth, choosing an independent midwife as your caregiver does increase your chances of a ‘normal’ physiological birth and independent midwives have become very experienced in areas of childbirth that within the NHS are usually dealt with by obstetric management including Breech, Twins and Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC).


All of our full members work autonomously and support women with the very best evidence-based care and on a one-to-one basis, a model of care proven time and time again to be best for women and their babies.


Worldwide, there is a palpable threat to midwifery and midwives in their freedom to provide midwifery services and midwifery models of care.  This is despite the acknowledgment that this care leads to better outcomes for most women. IMUK is a force for change and we work to safeguard independent midwifery and the full range of birthing options for women and their families now and in the future.


And back home, Independent midwives have been referred to as "... A little army of unique and emotionally intelligent women who are experts in normal birth" Milli Hill, Founder - The Positive Birth Movement. I think that is the perfect complement and endorsement that IMUK and our members could have. 


We are particularly delighted to be able to work with Lansinoh. We feel we are a particularly good fit and share the same philosophy and goals.