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With over 30 years of experience supporting breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh® has just added a new evidence-based solution to its award winning product range of beloved classics such as HPA Lanolin, Disposable Nursing Pads and Breastmilk Storage Bags. In line with the company’s commitment to helping mums and babies enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding for longer, the fully compatible ‘pump-store-feed’ solution was developed for those times when today’s busy lifestyle keeps mum temporarily apart from baby, due to work or other social circumstances.

The new product range includes a complete line of high quality Manual and Electric Breast Pumps which enable mums to express their breast milk quickly and easily, directly into bottles which can be safely stored in the fridge or freezer for whenever needed. With the clinically proven NaturalWave™ Feeding Bottle, babies can enjoy mum’s precious breast milk even when mum is away and return to the breast when mum is back. Based on extensive research[1], the NaturalWave™ Feeding Bottle helps maintain established breastfeeding patterns, so that mums can switch between breast and bottle with ease and confidence.

Katie Hilton, Health Professional Associate at Lansinoh® and qualified heath visitor, midwife and nurse, explains: “Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of baby’s life with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years. Families sometimes find this challenging and as a result, as many as 63% of mums who stopped breastfeeding said they would have liked to have breastfed for longer according to the Infant Feeding Survey conducted in 2010 on behalf of the Health and Social Care Information Centre. At Lansinoh®, we understand mums sometimes need a little help, support and flexibility, hence we have created a pump-store-feed solution that mums can rely on to achieve their breastfeeding goals.”


Lansinoh® Manual Breast Pump

The Lansinoh® Manual Breast Pump has been developed with simplicity and convenience in mind and is ideal for occasional expression. Quiet, compact and lightweight it offers a discreet and efficient pumping experience. Featuring both Let-down and Expression phases, which can be easily selected using a simple switch at the top of the Easy-Express Handle, the pump simulates baby’s natural sucking pattern for an improved milk flow.  For a comfortable pumping experience, the Lansinoh® Manual Breast Pump comes with 2 ComfortFitTM cushion sizes, ensuring a secure seal for good suction.

Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump

The portable Lansinoh® Single Electric Breast Pump has been designed for quick and easy expression and features the 2 phase technology, simulating baby’s natural feeding pattern for an efficient pumping experience. The Let-down phase initiates milk flow through quick and shallow suction, while the Expression phase maximises flow through slower, deeper suction. Offering a choice of 6 adjustable suction levels, the Lansinoh® Single Electric Pump ensures a comfortable pumping experience (9/10 mums agree[2]). With a hygienic design guaranteed against milk entering the tubing, the pump is simple to clean, easy to assemble and use and can be used with mains or battery. The new ComfortFitTM silicone breast cushion ensures a secure seal and a comfortable fit, resulting in more efficient pumping.

Lansinoh® 2in1 Electric Breast Pump

Designed to help mums express more milk in less time, the Lansinoh® 2in1 Breast Pump offers comfortable, flexible and effective breastfeeding support. Packed with features that adapt to mum’s individual needs, the 2in1 Electric Pump offers a choice between single and double electric pump functionality. The Lansinoh® 2in1 Breast Pump has two phases which mimic baby’s natural feeding pattern; the let-down phase to initiate milk flow and the expression phase to maximise flow, along with three customisable pumping styles to allow mums to find the style that works best for them. Quiet and portable, the compact Lansinoh® 2in1 is simple to use featuring a large, informative LCD screen suitable to use under low light conditions. Easy to assemble and clean, it can be operated using mains or battery for effective use at home or on the go.

All 3 Lansinoh® Breast Pumps come with sealing disks, allowing mums to store their breast milk in the same bottle they have expressed, as well as with NaturalWaveTMTM Teats enabling dad or the caregiver to feed baby mum’s expressed breast milk.



Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags

Created to provide an easy and efficient solution to mum’s breast milk storage needs, the storage bags are made of pre-sterilised food-safe polyethylene and come with a double zipper seal to make storing milk simple and secure. They’re designed for both the freezer and fridge and feature a useful write on tab, allowing mum to note both the date and volume of milk in each bag.

Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bottles

The wide neck bottles fit all Lansinoh® Breast Pumps and NaturalWave™ Teats offering a ‘one bottle solution’ to pump, store and feed and the silicone sealing disks prevent the storage bottles from leaking.



Lansinoh® mOmma NaturalWave™ Feeding Botle & Teat

The NaturalWave™ Feeding Bottle & Teat is ideal for breastfeeding mothers who occasionally have to be apart from their baby and express so that their precious breastmilk is always on hand when baby needs it. It enables mums to switch easily between breast and bottle and maintain their established breastfeeding patterns.

Based on extensive research[1], the NaturalWave™ Teat is clinically proven to encourage baby’s instinctive sucking action and specifically their ‘wave-like’ tongue movement for natural oral development.

With a wide base, the NaturalWave™ Teat encourages a wider latch-on, similar to the baby’s natural latch. Super soft and flexible for optimal compression, this 100% silicone teat enables baby’s smooth ‘wave-like’ tongue movement.

It has a gradual slope and textured base for improved suction and its structure is strengthened with innovative inner vertical ridges to make it collapse resistant so that baby can enjoy a comfortable feed.

For peace of mind, AVS™ Air Ventilation System reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic. To meet baby’s changing needs, the one piece, hassle-free NaturalWave™ Teats are available in slow, medium and fast flows.


[1] Research project lead by Mike Woolridge, “How Breast-Fed Babies Bottle Feed” 2011; and extensive research conducted at Pigeon’s R&D Centre

[2] Based on feedback received from 107 UK Mothers who trialled the Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump in an independent home placement test, carried out in December 2013

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