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'Brelfies' may be the new selfies, but those who breastfeed in public still face criticism according to new survey.

New Breastfeeding Survey Results 2015
  • A fifth of UK mums have been openly criticised while breastfeeding in public
  • A quarter of mums think the government need to offer more support
  • 52% of mums would feel more confident about breastfeeding if more celebrity mums were seen doing it.
  • A third of UK mums think ‘brelfies’ are ‘empowering’ and ‘natural’


Lansinoh Breastfeeding Survey Infographic 2015

An annual global survey of 13,348 mums by leading breastfeeding and baby products brand Lansinoh has revealed that nearly a fifth of UK mums say they have been openly criticised or experienced prejudice while breastfeeding in public.

The findings come after several high-profile cases of mums being asked to leave or cover up while breastfeeding in public places.  A fifth of respondents also reported that the most challenging time to breastfeed was when they were out shopping.

The annual survey is the only one of its kind in the world and is conducted across ten countries

UK, USA, France, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, China, Columbia and Turkey.

In response to current attitudes to breastfeeding in public in the UK mums surveyed suggested ways that society and the government could help to support those who need to feed their baby in public places. Over a quarter (27 per cent) believe that the government could better support breastfeeding mums by advertising that all public places must allow it.

Despite the problems encountered, almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of respondents see breastfeeding in public as a perfectly natural thing to do.

Lottie Haigh, senior brand manager at Lansinoh, said: “As a company that is dedicated to supporting breastfeeding families at every step, it is disappointing that lots of mothers still experience negative reactions to what is perfectly natural behaviour.  The Equality Act 2010 made it illegal for anyone to ask a breastfeeding woman to leave a public place, but our research shows that the government clearly needs to do much more to publicise this so that women can breastfeed without fear of being interrupted or even intimidated.”

The trend for breastfeeding selfies or ‘brelfies’ also has the potential to have a big impact, with a third of breastfeeding mums stating that they find ‘brelfies’ both empowering and natural.

Famous mums such as Scarlett Johannson, Blake Liveley, Jessica Biel and Tamara Ecclestone have opened up about breastfeeding this year, sharing breastfeeding photos and speaking out about their experiences of motherhood. Over half (52 per cent) of all mums surveyed by Lansinoh said that they would feel more confident about breastfeeding if more celebrity mums were seen doing it.

Lottie Haigh continued: “We are delighted to hear that so many mums are so supportive of breastfeeding, and will be taking these findings very seriously – for example, almost two in five mums would like to see more tips from us on breastfeeding in public, which we will certainly be providing.  We are committed to supporting families throughout their breastfeeding journeys, and we hope that these findings act as a wake-up call to others that we should all be doing more to support mums who need to breastfeed their baby while out and about.”

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