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At Lansinoh we want to ensure we are providing pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and breastfeeding experts with products that support initiation and continuation of breastfeeding. To find out how we do this we surveyed women to:

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  • Gain a clearer understanding of our role and responsibility
  • Identify the importance of breastfeeding products
  • Determine training and resources that support the appropriate use of products

As breastfeeding experts your knowledge and advice on correcting positioning and attachment is key to helping the mother and baby onto a successful and long term breastfeeding journey, we know that breastfeeding is challenging.

It takes time for painful breasts, sore nipples and open wounds to heal which is why we offer breastfeeding solutions.  We want to know breastfeeding mothers are getting the support and information they need to continue breastfeeding.

Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin; the market leader of nipple creams in the UK; is clinically proven to soothe and heal sore and cracked nipples.

We ran a survey to explore what pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers said about Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin.  Here are some of our key findings about recommendations, usage and purchasing.

Women were asked who had recommended HPA® Lanolin to them; they were able to pick one or more of the choices available.  Their responses show that midwives (54%) were key in supporting them with their breastfeeding problem using our nipple cream, this was closely followed by other mums (48%), friends (31%) and health visitors (26%).  Women equally received advice to use HPA® Lanolin by health professionals (80%) and mums/friends (79%) and likely had multiple input to help them resolve their problem.

Women were then asked to give a single answer to ‘How quickly did Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin help to heal your nipples?’  38% of the women questioned said it helped to heal within a day, and within an hour and within 2 days both got 25% of the votes. 63% of women answered within 1 hour and within 1 day combined.

Another multi answer question was around the symptoms women had that lead them to use our nipple cream.  84% of women reported sore nipples, 56% cracked nipples and 36% bleeding nipples.  Interestingly 30% of women used it to prevent sore nipples.  This is definitely an area to carry out further investigation as to whether this group of women did actually prevent their nipples becoming sore.

Women were able to choose more than one answer about purchasing so it is likely that the majority of women had multiple reasons to purchase HPA® Lanolin.

  • 50% stated they had been advised to purchase a tube prior to giving birth
  • 23% said they wanted to be prepared after hearing friend’s stories of coping with sore nipples
  • 30% revealed they experienced very sore nipples when they breastfed and decided to purchase a tube
  • 28% expressed that they were advised by their health professional to use our nipple cream

With sore and cracked nipples being one of the reasons women site for prematurely giving up breastfeeding. We will be further investigating areas around positioning and attachment advice and the occurrence and duration of nipple soreness.

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